We try to offer many different worship options to meet people where they are.

Our traditional worship celebrates the rich heritage of Lutheran liturgy and hymnody that has served the church for centuries. We vary the music of the liturgy every few months in order to keep our worship vibrant and alive. This format is featured at our 8:00 am service.  Our handbell and chancel choirs are part of the worship experience.

Our contemporary worship is held every Sunday at 11:15 am. This service follows the traditional liturgy with more modern language and incorporates lively music led by our praise team.  Hand bells and choir also participate in this service.

During the seasons of Lent and Advent, we offer Wednesday noon  worship service and 7:00 pm worship service with soup and salad at 5:30 pm  The sermons focus on a central theme that is carried throughout the season, and often chancel dramas or some other type of creative worship is incorporated with the liturgy and music.