Please join our wonderful students who are working to learn or improve their English-speaking skills.

Our students come from many countries:  Honduras, Kazakhstan, China, Turkey, Guatemala, Ukraine, South Korea, Serbia, Brazil, Jordan, Vietnam, Russia, Cuba, Belarus, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, El Salvador, Peru, Montenegro, Puerto Rico and more.

We offer classes on several levels and will find the right one for you.

Our students have a range of English-speaking skills.   Some speak no English at all.  Some can participate in conversations in English, but their grammar isn’t quite right.  Some speak English well, but their reading and writing skills need improvement.  We have five different levels of classes, so there is a class for everyone at any level.

Our students desire to improve their English.

Our students want to more fully participate in our community and to improve the lives of their families.  Some specifically mention that they want to help their children with homework or to attend Parent-Teacher conferences.  Some want to get a driver’s license while others are wanting to improve their English so that they can get a job promotion or start their own business.

Our students have a variety of occupations and jobs. 

Many of our students have had professional careers in their home countries, most have graduated high school, and many have attended college.  Initially, most of our students work in the region’s hotels and restaurants, or in landscaping or construction until their language skills improve.  Some are stay-at-home moms.  Others work in professional trades including machinists, welders and automobile mechanics, while still others are working to improve English language skills sufficiently to take licensure exams in health care and other professions.

All our students are adults living in Sussex County, Delaware. 

Everyone is welcome – regardless of religious affiliation or citizenship status.  If you want to learn English or to improve your English, we want you in our program.  

We care about your children and families, too.

If you have children under the age of 12, you can enroll them (with proof of immunization) in our children’s program.  While you are in English class, your children will participate in educational activities to get the youngest children ready for kindergarten or to help the older children with their homework.  All children receive a light meal or snack during class.