Service Times

Sunday Services are held at 8 AM and 11:15 AM. These times remain constant throughout the year. Worship at 8 is in a traditional style, while the 11:15 service is a contemporary service.

Holy Communion is offered at all services.

Helpful Information When Coming to Worship With Us

  • We offer a variety of worship experiences that endeavor to be lively and meaningful through the use of creative approaches, blended choral and instrumental music, and that incorporate the timeless liturgies of the historic Church.
  • In our worship and in our ministry, we seek to be affirming of all people who gather here, seeing each as a gifted and valued creature of God.
  • You are welcome to attend Eucharist with us. Our understanding is that Christ is truly present in the forms of bread and wine, and that our participation in Eucharist brings us both forgiveness and peace. Children or those not baptized are encouraged to come forward to receive a blessing.
  • We have personal listening devices available for those whose hearing may need extra amplification.
  • We encourage guests to sign either the visitor's book in the Narthex or the attendance sheet in the pews. This helps us to realize how large the kingdom of God is and to rejoice that you were part of our faith family for a time.