Welcome to the English as a Second Language Program
Serving Adults Students in Sussex County, Delaware

Do you want to learn or to improve your English as a Second Language?  If so, register for ESL.  (Registration is $25 and the books are free.)

Classes begin in September 2022.  For more information or to receive registration information, please email:    esl@lcosrehoboth.org


***Classes meet 2 times each week during a 10 week session for a total of 20 classes.  Each class is two hours long.  If you register, plan to attend at least 16 of the 20 classes.  

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In operation since 2004, the English as a Second Language Program at the Lutheran Church of our Savior is the largest of its kind in Sussex County. Free Classes for adults at proficiency levels from beginner to advanced are offered in day and evening sessions and focus on social interaction, vocabulary and conversation, grammar, writing and reading comprehension.   When classes are held onsite, a free optional educational program is offered for students' children, ages 6 months to 11 years.  

Have questions or need more information?   Interested in volunteer teaching opportunities?  Email esl@lcosrehoboth.org or call (302) 515-4385 to learn more.